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Stringency is key! A brand unfolds its full strength when it is consistently and uniformly represented on all levels. This includes, among many other components, a well elaborated and practicable corporate design as well as an individual corporate wording.
Only in this way the image of your brand distinguishes itself from other brands on all visible levels. As part of a comprehensive design documentation, we define in concrete terms how your brand appears and set clear conditions for each creative implementation. From fair and exhibition design for trade fairs and exhibitions to editorial design for individual communication media and coherent packaging design, if required. In corporate wording, we create a language world of its own that regulates not only the tonality of your corporate communication but also the style of all texts depending on their use. And the following applies to all areas: We document all decisions and specifications in the design process in detail so that they have a long-term and consistent impact on the brand.

  • brand design

    • Corporate Design
    • Corporate Wording
    • Design Documentation
    • Fair and Exhibition Design
    • Editorial Design
  • branding

    • Brand positioning
    • Brand implementation
    • Brand mission statement
    • Brand protection
    • Naming/Claiming
    • Employer branding
  • brand communications

    • Corporate reporting
    • Brochures and magazines
    • Whitepaper
    • Brand content and PR
    • Campaigns
    • Media On/Offline
  • digital branding

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Communication is looking ahead and back without forgetting about the present.