Individual financing solutions - designed by brandtec to be modern and unique

Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH offers tailormade investment solutions for all mobile business assets. The leasing provider of the Commerzbank Group has been a valued partner for over 50 years.

With the goal of giving the individual financing solutions of leasing a modern edge, brandtec creates striking and dynamic images. All by focusing on a unique selling point within the company group.

Corporate imagery

The new key visuals translate the entrepreneurial freedom into a striking visual language with recognition value.
The uniqueness of this visual language is a central component of the brand message and is used as a means to clearly differentiate to competitors.

Striking design elements and a modular image concept for a brand image

A compelling and industry-specific design across different customer groups and communication channels, enables a consistent and at the same time individual approach.

By addressing the core industries in a targeted B2B manner, know-how is conveyed, trust is created and a consistent brand perception is achieved across all platforms.


The new positioning rounds off the brand promise: Leasing makes the future REAL.

Pro Climate Lease

Brand value responsibility transferred to product level

Pro climate lease offsets, via investments in certified sustainability projects, individual amounts of greenhouse gas emissions – matching the leased asset or as needed for an amount determined by the customer.
brandtec continues the brand values of leasing also visually on product level and brings the advantages textually to the point.