With over 17 billion euros in fund assets, hausInvest is one of the largest open-ended real estate funds in Europe.
It invests in high-quality commercial properties, residential properties, and real estate project developments in economically strong locations. More than 150 properties, spread across some 20 countries and 14 types of use: that is the real estate portfolio of hausInvest. This diversified investment strategy has offered savers and investors stability since its inception in 1972.


With the new real estate gallery, brandtec has designed a fresh flagship for hausInvest. A striking colour-coding corresponding to the secondary and tertiary colour world creates a structured allocation to the types of use “office, shopping, hotel and hybrid”. It forms the modern framework in which the large-format images of the real estate highlights are optimally staged.

The clearly structured design enables the key property data to be captured quickly and provides a representative insight into the hausInvest portfolio.

hausinvest_Immobiliengalerie Cover
hausinvest_Immobiliengalerie Innenseiten
hausinvest_Immobiliengalerie Innenseiten


With the hausInvest Annual Report 2017/18, brandtec has designed and implemented its print and online edition for the first time. The design concept conveys transparency through the use of clear lines and creates an overview on current figures and an outlook for the future.

With the following publications of all half-yearly reports as the annual reports, brandtec successfully continues this concept.

Cover Jahresbericht
Jahresbericht Cover und Bericht der Geschäftsführung
Jahresbericht Tabellenseite