hausInvest / Reference / branding agency for financial communication

With over 17 billion euros in fund assets, hausInvest is one of the largest open-ended real estate funds in Europe.
It invests in high-quality commercial properties, residential properties, and real estate project developments in economically strong locations. More than 150 properties, spread across some 20 countries and 14 types of use: that is the real estate portfolio of hausInvest. This diversified investment strategy has offered savers and investors stability since its inception in 1972.


With the hausInvest Annual Report 2017/18, brandtec has designed and implemented its print and online edition for the first time. With the following publications of all half-yearly reports as the annual reports, brandtec continues to develop this concept sustainably and successfully continues the series digitally.
The result is a fresh and modern layout that informs while bringing hausInvest closer to investors.