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Developing brands for products. The right challenge for brandtec!

klimaVest, Commerz Real’s first impact fund, picks up on the megatrends of sustainability and renewable energies and enables private investors to invest directly and measurably in infrastructure assets (e.g. wind or solar parks). A project in which the agency was able to cover the entire range of competencies and which has been a source of lasting enthusiasm.


Brand development and positioning

The agency brings its more than 20 years of expertise in brand development and financial communication to bear and develops a comprehensive concept that combines all the client’s requirements:

Development of a brand that communicates the sustainability concept of the impact fund and clearly differentiates itself from the products of the competition with its USP.

Creation of a word/image logo that shows affiliation to the existing hausInvest product and integrates coherently into the brand architecture of Commerz Real AG.

Transfer of the brand values as well as the image of Commerz Real to the product brand: sustainable, holistic, reliable and long-term investment management by experienced experts.


Key Visuals and Message – for cross-media use

By developing a targeted campaign, the agency is responsible for creating a clear, unique image and general product awareness.

In the development of the key visual and the product imagery, brandtec focuses on green lightness and emotionality. The use of light and transparency reflect the central values of the product: a positive future, trust and responsibility.

The creation of an evident brand message increases the attention of responsible private investors who want to achieve a comprehensible contribution to climate protection with their financial investment.



As an impact fund, klimaVest is not a “greenwashing product”; its sustainability can be proven with hard facts. Focused on the needs of private investors, brandtec creates short and profound information documents: annual reports, product brochure, 2-pager, factsheets and whitepaper that deepen the customer experience and the identification potential.

Annual Reports

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klimaVest_Annual Report
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Sales documents